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5 things you should know before attending a job fair

Career Fairs are like playoff games. They’re not the finals but are just as important, if not more. You’re meeting actual people from different companies, not just emailing their general email addresses, talking about who you are and what you are passionate about and making key connections to people who could potentially change your life. No stress and nothing to worry about. 

While career fairs are important, the most important thing to do is be prepared. Be prepared for questions, resume requests, and anything that could be thrown at you.

Before a career fair, this is what you need to do:

1. Do your research about the participants
    Just after you register for the job fair, start your research about the companies who would be participating so that you can target the best companies at the fair. This will also come
useful at the time of face to face interaction with the recruiters to show your interest in the company.

2. Keep ready your resume
    You need to carry your latest 10-15 copies of your latest resume so that you can hand it out when asked. Bring hard copies of the resume and do not wait for the fair to begin to make copies.

3. Pick your outfit the night before
    You shouldn’t wait until the morning to decide what to wear. Pick your best formal or business casual, keep it ironed, and save your time in the morning. Avoid bright colors and fancy jewelry. Remember to find a well-polished shoe for your outfit.

4. Prepare a list of priorities of your target recruiters
    It’s important to prepare your priority list of target recruiters so that you don’t waste your time at the fair. Put the most favorite in the top and the least in the bottom, locate the recruiter as soon as you reach the venue, and be the first one to reach the desk of your top target recruiter.

5. Keep a few thank you notes and your visiting cards handy!
    Business cards are effective in job fairs as the recruiters are not always going through all the few hundreds of resumes they receive. Business cards contain important information
with contact details and come handy for most people. Also, thanking each recruiter you interact, by handing over a ‘thank you’ note is a good gesture and it also shows your sense of
courtesy towards others.