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7 things to avoid to say in a Job Fair Interview

Interviews can be dreadful! Career Fairs can be Dreadful! Seeking a job in itself can be a dreadful process!

Interviews at a job fair set the tone for the entire process of hiring! If you are looking to attend a fair, there are a few basic dos and don’ts of attending a career fair! You will also come to understand how to start a conversation at a career fair and how to take it forward.


Let’s look at the top 7 Thing To Avoid In A Job Fair Interview!


1. Do Not Stutter
It is important to distinguish between what to say and what not to say in a job interview. One of the more effective ways to stop a stutter is to talk slowly. Rushing to complete thought can cause you to stammer, speed up your speech, or have trouble getting the words out. Taking a few deep breaths and speaking slowly can help control the stutter. Avoiding Stutter can help you come across as confident!

2. Do Not Be OverConfident
Do Not mistake confidence for overconfidence! Overconfidence is easily recognized by your experienced recruiter and you may even risk coming across as arrogant and unfit for the job vacancy! Overconfidence goes on the top when you glance at your “Things not to do in a job interview” list. Staying humble, positive and confident can help you reach sky heights in no time!

3. Do Not come across as too available
Always remember that recruiters are looking for talented and desirable job seekers. If you agree with everything the recruiter is suggesting, you are not only weakening your position in the race but are also thinning your chances for scoring a follow-up call or a next interview. If you are not sure, do not make a commitment, let them know that you will get back to them on the matter!


4. Do Not Hold Back
Got questions? Ask them! Got options? Explore them! Got suggestions? Give them! Don’t wonder what do you do at a job fair. Make the most out of your career fair visit and make sure that you are not holding back. You have invested a lot of time and resources on this so make sure you get your returns!


5. Do Not Get Distracted
Distraction can impair your performance and you may come across as unstable and unfit for a job role! Make sure you pay complete attention and make sure that you do not get distracted at all! A distracted employee is the least wanted of the lot!


6. Do Not Go Unplanned
Planning helps in clearly laying down objectives. It minimizes uncertainties and helps with better utilization of available resources! Planning is an important pre-requisite for attaining
the cherished goals of a career fair visit!


7. Do Not Forget to Express Gratitude!
Sending a thank-you note after an interview should be an important part of any job-hunting strategy. Whether or not you send a thank-you note could actually determine if you get the job. Sending a well-crafted and timely thank-you note can add a positive impression to an already positive connection. Also, there’s no harm. It hardly takes any time and comes across as extremely polite and impressive! So, before you walk out of that fair, say thank you!


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