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Answering interview questions about your "job hop" past

Job hopping is a pattern of changing companies every year or two of one's own volition rather than as a result of something like a layoff or company closure.

If you are being accused of job-hopping or have a resume that clearly indicates the fact that you are a job hopper then it is very likely that the interviewer would grill you over this point! “Why”, you ask? Well, in a competitive world like today, no company would like a “high rate of employee turnover” to its name! 

The corporate organizations today are looking for candidates who are in it for the long run and not for a temporary fix. 

If your interviewer asks you about your constant job-hopping past (which they most likely will), then here are a few tips to get through with that question. 


  1. Stay honest 

Staying honest about your past and letting them know that you have changed jobs for various reasons will exhibit a sense of trust and belonging. It may be tempting to go in full denial mode and debate the interviewer over whether you've "job hopped".


  1. Communicate the issues with past organizations 

First, take responsibility and on your previous actions. Second, turn "several" problems into one problem you can adjust quickly. Make it a universal issue you have now fixed. And remember to give your response with a smile and a lot of positivity.


  1. Promise them a long term association 

Explain what you are looking for right now in your jobs and how your research showed that this is a good fit for your skills. You will want to give the interviewer at least a glimmer of hope that you will stay for a while if hired. Talk about how, where you are now in your career, you would like more stability and continuity.


  1. Emphasize knowledge and experiences 

When you move around some, it is inevitable that you pick up some unique experiences and knowledge. could be the exposure to a variety of company cultures or processes. Whatever it may be all that you have learned can be brought to the new company for its benefit.


  1. Promote your achievements

Just like how you were in demand and able to find new employees excited in hiring you, also stress how well you performed for those companies. If you were able to make a big impact in a short period of time, this can really impress the interviewer. 


  1. Stay positive throughout the interview

You do not want to explain your absences by going negative. Stay positive throughout the interview then focus on being explaining why you're looking for a new opportunity. Expect the worst questions the interview but answer each one of them positively and without a debate!!

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All the best!