Job Fair Cheatsheet

We've put together a great "cheatsheet" with tons of tips and advice for making your job fair visit a successful one.

Job Fairs can be busy and noisy places and your goal is to stand out from the crowd. How do you do that? Here is our cheat sheet for standing out at any job fair. While it may seem the day of the job fair itself is the most important, the truth is, all these steps are crucial to success.

Plan Ahead

* Pre-register for the event. That way you can maximize your time in the event on your goal…getting a job.
* Know who will be there and rank who you want to meet with in order from most important to least. This way, should you run out of time, you will have visiting the companies you wanted to the most.
* Do your research. Once you know who will be there and you want to meet with research them. If you already know about the company and what positions it has open, you will be well ahead of most of your fellow job fair attendees.
* Practice marketing yourself. You will only have a short time with each employer to “sell” yourself. Think about what you want to say, have tangible reasons why they should hire you over others and practice your pitch out loud and to someone. The more comfortable you are with your pitch, the smoother the day will go.
* Prepare yourself to answer common questions like, “What brings you here today?” They seem easy enough…but you should be clear with your answer.
* Prepare and memorize smart questions to ask employers. Here are some of the best we have come across:

What are the opportunities for advancement at your company?
What type of training programs do you offer?
What are the skills & attributes you value most in your employees?
How do you see someone like me contributing to your company?
What are the biggest challenges for this position?
What is your company culture like?
What do you enjoy most about working for this company?
What are the next steps in the hiring process?
May I contact you with further questions?